I just wanted to say how sad and shocked I was to find out of Kimberley's death.  Justin and I lived in Los Angeles for 5 years and adopted Yoda and Sweetpea from Kimberley and the VCA Miller Animal Hospital.  We returned to the UK 6 years ago with Yoda and Sweetpea.

I've attached a picture of Yoda (formerly Powder) which I think Kimberley would love.  They're adorable cats and can't thank her enough for allowing us to adopt them.

Our thoughts are with you.

Melanie, Justin, Yoda and Sweetpea x


Tonight, my husband and I were lying in bed talking about the year that had finally ended. 2008 was a rough one for us. Friends having hard times, tight finances, and my current medical problems - and then we began to focus on the wonderful things in our lives.  Our two wonderful rescue kitties were on the top of that list, as they sat curled up at the end of the bed.  We laughed as we remembered the beautiful and sweet lady who found our kitties for us. We called her "Auntie Kimberly" but we couldn't remember her last name.  My husband said "maybe she has a facebook page and we can send her pictures of Bacchus and Zulu!" He was so excited about getting in touch with her that he got up out of bed to find the file with all the kitty paperwork (from 1999) so he could find her last  name.  He came back into the room moments later, a terrible look on his  face, telling me he had some very very sad news.  When I read it for myself, and saw this webpage, I just had to write.

I only met Kimberly two or three times.  But I can still picture her face.  We still quote her every time we talk about the day we adopted Bacchus.  Bacchus was a tiny tiny little thing.  I had picked him up and leaned back on the couch with my head back and he crawled up and fell asleep on my face (he was that small!). Kimberly looked at me, sitting there with this tiny tabby on my face, and said "I'll get the paperwork."  She knew I was in love with that kitty and there was no question that I was going to take him home.  When we decided to get a second kitty, we again called Kimberly.

I am also writing to you because I too have suffered this kind of loss.  My handsome, smart, funny, talented and wonderful little brother Matthew killed himself when he was only 17.  When I read Kimberly's moms letter the year after Kimberly's death, I began to tear up - I, of course, asked questions very much like that after Matthew died.  I am a songwriter and wrote a song for Matthew called "Didn't You Think Anybody Loved You?"  that is very similar to  the letter Kimberly's mom wrote.  I would love to send it to her if she'd like to have a copy.

I hope her family and friends have found some way to deal with this.  I know that only time helped me and my family.

I just wanted to write and let you know the effect Kimberly had on complete strangers.  We got up out of bed on New Year's Eve to find her - and I cannot tell you how shocked and saddened we are to find this tribute site instead.  Although we are too late - we want to thank her for the gift of our two wonderful kitties.

Karen Nash and Bob Malone